About us

Find out how we came to farm together at Pollardine by reading our stories below. 

Jane’s story

Roger and I farmed happily together for some thirty odd years. At one time we were lambing a thousand housed ewes and ran some fifty suckler cows.

It is always said that farming is a way of life. So it was for us as we worked seven days a week, had two children, Tom and Lizzie, offered many fun days out on the farm for family and friends, and made a living.

The copses, shelter belts and hedgerows that Roger and I planted in odd spare moments are now mature features of the farm which enhance the landscape and provide safe spaces for flora and fauna.

As Lizzie and I now work together in partnership we are moving towards a different management regime which we see as good for the land and also for the planet.

We are working to reinvigorate our land by farming regeneratively. It is a work in progress but very exciting.

Lizzie’s Story

I grew up at Pollardine and am incredibly lucky to call it my home. While my brother and I enjoyed helping out on the farm, moving sheep and getting involved at lambing time, we never envisioned becoming farmers ourselves. I studied French at the University of Nottingham, taught English at the University of Nice, and then gained some experience as an interpreter at Northbourne Park School, Kent.

I have always been passionate about charity work and volunteered throughout my time at university and beyond. From 2014-15, I completed a Masters in Charity Management and then worked with the Big Give (online donation platform) as Operations Executive and later Operations Manager.

In 2018, I returned home to learn more about the family farming business. It was only supposed to be for 3 months, but I’m still here now! As well as working on the farm, I am a website freelancer.

Jane and Roger

On a day like today, it’s good to be alive.

— Roger Hulton-Harrop

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