We love supporting Marie Curie with our Daffodil Field, and a school in Uganda through our charity, Unity is Strength.

Gatten Valley Daffodil Field

Lucky enough to have land in hand, we decided we could plant a field with daffodils. We hope that people will donate to Marie Curie for many years to come if they enjoy visiting the field in the spring and perhaps remembering someone special.

How it began
In the Autumn of 2015, a lorry arrived with 170,000 Carlton daffodil bulbs and a very clever machine to plant them. All finished by 5pm, we couldn’t do anything else but wait to see them flower in spring 2016. Here’s the planting process and what they look like in full bloom.

Where to find the field
If you’d like to visit them, they can be found in the Gatten Valley at SY5 0SJ.

There is a car park adjacent to the field and benches to relax on while walking around.

How to donate
We kindly ask you to make a donation to Marie Curie, which can be done at the site or via Just Giving at:

Thank you, we look forward to seeing you there!

Unity is Strength

Since 2011, we’ve have had a special connection to a primary school in Uganda. During a visit in 2019, we decided with Dominic and Rose Mukwaya, the Founders & Directors of the school, that a good way forward would be to set up a registered charity in England that could support the school through regular donations and small fundraising events. In January 2020, Unity is Strength was born.

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Daffodil bulbs
Daffodil planter

At 1,100 feet and on a north-facing slope, they’re always late to bloom – but are of course worth waiting for!

— Jane Hulton-Harrop

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